- Copy data over network using GBProtocol extremely fast (utilize 99% network card load), it has been tested with FTP and GBProtocol copy faster than FTP 4-5 times depend on compression ratio.

- Encrypt connection when transferring data using combine  AES 256 bit, RSA 1024 bit, SHA-256 and MD5- Copy folder local periodically with check duplicated files.

- Synchronize file between 2 locations with check duplicated files and support to delete file on destination when the file on source is deleted.

- Backup data support copying to multiple destinations, renaming, compressing files.

- Notifed by email, support SMTP, SMTPS, TLS (include Gmail and others)

- Can be run on Window, Linux, Mac

- Just download GBCopy, extract it and run, no require any additional installations

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