Which applications can transfer data platform independent without install anything?

GBCopy can do that. Just run and feel.

Current release: version 2.1 (26-Jul-2013), check changelog for more details

About GBCopy:

GBCopy is free software for copying. It can be run on diverse platforms.

GBCopy has been developed by Dung Luong. It's written in pure Java.

GBCopy is free and always free. That is GBCopy passion. 

Key features:
- Copy files or folder over network (can utilize 99% network card load) using GBProtocol.
- Copy files faster than FTP 4 - 5 times depend on file compression ratio on transferring.
- Encrypt connection when transferring data (optional)
- Fastly synchronize data between 2 locations.
- Backup, support compress file and rename.
- Notified by email when task complete.
- Platform independent (can run on Window, Mac, Linux)
- Support run using GUI (Graphic User Interface) or console
- No require any additional installations, just download, extract and run.

GBCopy still being developed and enhanced to get more advanced features. Please help us improve it by sending your idea or issues.

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