HOWTO: Copy data over network

GBCopy using GBProtocol to transfer data. Assume we have 2 computers A and B for transfering data and both have GBCopy.

A acts as data pusher

B acts as data receiver

Data from A will be transfered to B

Step 1: prepare to receiving

On computer B, choose Network / Copy to open Copy over Network form as below:

Click on tab Receive Data, you need to choose directory which receive data from computer A (click Browse button or type directory path directly)

On IPs accepted field, you enter * for accept all incoming connections using GBCopyProtocol. If you trust some IPs, you need to erase * letter and type those IPs (separate by comma).

If you require anyone who push data must is authenticated using username and password, you need tick Require Authentication check box.

You can also create account for authenticating. Just click from Main interface, choose Configuration / Authentication, a small windows will appear:

and you enter new username and password, then click on Create User button to finish. Note username and password will be saved even you shutdown computer.

Then, click Start Service Receive Data button. Computer B will listening data for receiving.

That's all for computer B.

If you want to stop service receive data, you can click Stop Service button.

Step 2: push data to receiver

On computer A, choose Network / Copy to open Copy over Network form and click on Push Data tab:

On Server Address (IP) field, enter address(IP) of computer B

You can choose to push file or entire directory by selecting Files option or Directory option, then you need to fill its path by click Browse button or type path directly.

If server require authentication, you can enter username and password which GBCopy on server are created. (it's not the same as OS authentication)

If you want to encrypt connection when transferring data over network, you can tick Encrypt transfer data check box.

Finally, just click Push data button. Your data from computer A will transfer to computer B.

It's very easy and no require any additional installations.

Good luck to you!

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